Photo of Brittany Lomax

Brittany defends product liability cases involving automotive suppliers and product manufacturers in wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases nationwide. She manages all phases of the litigation process in asbestos exposure claims. In addition, Brittany defends clients in state and federal court matters involving alleged exposure to carcinogenic materials, explosions, personal injury and employee embezzlement.

The President swore in a new face to the Commission for the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on June 30, 2022. Mary T. Boyle, however, is not an entirely new face as she served in various positions within the CPSC for more than a decade. She formerly served in various leadership rules, including CPSC’s Executive Director from 2018 before being confirmed as the new Commissioner. Ms. Boyle also served as CPSC’s Senior Counselor for Policy and Planning, General Counsel, and Deputy General Counsel.

In June, the New Jersey Supreme Court affirmed a 2018 Appellate Division ruling holding that manufacturers and distributors can be held strictly liable for damages caused by third party replacement parts containing asbestos.