Photo of Tanner Cook

Tanner focuses his practice on litigation and enjoys collaborating with clients to customize litigation to their business needs. Working with legal teams across the firm, he builds active defense strategies for clients in order to mitigate and solve complex litigation issues, and he prides himself on addressing each matter efficiently and thoroughly. Known for his clear and concise legal communication, Tanner aims to serve as a true business partner as well as an attorney.

In 2019, the Missouri legislature passed Senate Bill 224 (SB 224), effectively revising Missouri’s discovery rules to align them with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. (See our 2019 post for analysis of SB 224’s changes to the Missouri Rules of Civil Procedure.) The applicability of SB 224’s revisions remained unclear for some time, however, as the Missouri Supreme Court hesitated to adopt them into the Missouri Rules of Civil Procedure.