Husch Blackwell is pleased to announce that this month marks the five-year anniversary of the opening of its office in the Cortex Innovation Community, the 200-acre innovation district located in St. Louis, Missouri and founded in 2002.

Husch Blackwell Cortex attorneys
Attorneys Mary Kate Mullen and Aleks Rushing celebrate 5 years at Cortex by highlighting startup clients. Photo courtesy of Aleks Rushing

Since opening the office in 2014, Husch Blackwell has played a key role in assisting many of the emerging-growth companies that have called Cortex home. The firm has staffed the Cortex office with a variety of lawyers on both a permanent and rotating basis and has provided legal advice ranging from intellectual property, employment law and immigration to corporate law, financing and mergers & acquisitions.

The firm celebrated its five-year anniversary at Cortex with a client event on August 21. More information about Husch Blackwell’s 5 years in Cortex can be found here. For additional information, please contact the firm’s Chief Growth Office, Dean Boeschen.