April 1, 2016
New Developments
Second Circuit Upholds Dismissal of Asbestos Defendant for Lack of Personal Jurisdiction
By David Dean

In February 2016, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit upheld dismissal of an out-of-state corporate defendant for lack of personal jurisdiction in an asbestos case, Brown v. Lockheed Martin Corp., No. 14-4083 (2nd Cir. Feb. 28, 2016). In finding that the Connecticut District Court could not exercise personal jurisdiction over defendant Lockheed Martin Corp., the Court rejected plaintiff’s argument that Lockheed’s registration to do business in Connecticut constituted consent to jurisdiction. [Continue Reading]

Indiana Supreme Court Tackles Statute of Repose in Asbestos Litigation
By Jenna Marie Stupar

This March, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled that Section 2 of its Statute of Repose (Ind. Code § 34-20-3-1) was unconstitutional as applied to asbestos claims. The Court held the statutory provisions at issue violated the Equal Privileges and Immunities Clause in the Indiana Constitution. Thus, it is no longer a viable defense for defendants in these cases. [Continue Reading]

A Look at Illinois Coverage Law in Asbestos Cases
By Eric Krauss

The repeated, continuous, or periodic nature of workplace asbestos exposure can be a vexing problem for insurance coverage actions, inter-insurer disputes, and insurance recovery litigation. The fundamental insurance concept of an occurrence (simplistically, an “accident”) is not easy to apply to asbestos litigation facts. [Continue Reading]

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