We are deeply saddened by the loss of our partner, Ike Skelton.

Ike was truly a remarkable Congressman, humanitarian, partner and friend. During a recent visit to our DC office, I visited with Ike.  During our wide-ranging discussions, Ike was able to recall the smallest details of his campaigns and his career, including his ascension to become chair of the House Armed Services Committee.  His outstanding career notwithstanding, Ike seemed most proud of the success of his sons, including Paige who started a business making and selling Cackalacky Spice Sauce.  (He even gave a bottle of the hot sauce to me and, yes, it is very good.)

Our attorneys were greatly honored to work with Ike and his passing will surely be felt by each and every one of us. We extend our condolences to Ike’s family and friends.

For more information on Ike’s life and legacy, please see the release posted on the Husch Blackwell website.