Photo of Armando Prather

Armando represents clients in product liability and mass tort litigation.

Armando defends clients in product liability lawsuits, including cases involving product failure and catastrophic events, as well as mass tort and class action suits. Armando is passionate about the problem-solving aspect of litigation and is determined to find answers—especially to issues that initially appear to have no solutions.

Before entering the legal field, Armando spent nearly a decade in the insurance industry adjusting property claims and managing a team of adjusters spanning several states. He routinely investigated the cause and origin of property damage, working with experts to analyze complex matters in anticipation of subrogation or potential litigation.

Negotiating resolutions to complex matters, often in an adversarial environment, refined Armando’s longstanding interest in law, and he went on to enroll in law school. Armando’s insurance background gives him extensive experience negotiating and crafting resolutions, as well as a broad lens of understanding on product liability matters.

Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal recently held that to recover for loss of consortium under the Florida Wrongful Death Act, a surviving spouse must be married to the decedent at the time of injury—not the time of death. In so holding, the Fourth District, in Ripple v. CBS Corp., 337 So. 3d 45