The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission announced ten recalls during the week of February 1, 2016. The recalls include a diverse set of products ranging from a computer used for SCUBA diving to decorative baby rattles.  The following is a list of those recalls with links to the respective announcements from CPSC.

    1. Dive computers recalled due to a short circuit that could lead to “serious injury to a diver underwater, including decompression sickness”
    2. Vacuum recalled due to problems with the electrical cord plug
    3. Window shades recalled due to potential for falling and impact hazard
  1. Children’s musical instrument recalled due to excessive lead paint
  2. Decorative baby rattle recalled due to choking hazard
  3. Power cords recalled due to possible fire or shock hazards
  4. Power packs recalled due to potential for lithium ion batteries to burst
  5. Fan heaters recalled due to potential fire hazard
  6. Toy truck recalled due to overheating hazard
  7. Ski and snowboard helmets recalled due to risk of head injury

As of February 5, 2016, CPSC has announced 36 recalls in 2016.