The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission announced  nine (9) recalls during the week of February 15, 2016. The announcements include two different recalls on the basis of the potential for exposure to mold.  The following is a list of those recalls with links to the respective announcements from CPSC.

  1. Paper boxes recalled due to presence of mold
  2. AC adapter recalled due to electric shock risk
  3. Bicycle fork recalled due to cracking and risk of fall
  4. Recall of air conditioning and heating units expanded due to potential for power cords to overheat
  5. Zipline kit recalled due to fall hazard
  6. Girls’ coats recalled due to choking hazard
  7. Snowboard boots recalled due to fall hazard
  8. Office chairs recalled sue to potential for seat to detach
  9. Artificial flowers recalled due to presence of mold






As of February 19, 2016, CPSC has announced 51 recalls in 2016.