By Jen Dlugosz on November 12, 2018

jury box court roomIn October, a Cook County jury awarded a $6 million dollars to the family of a deceased pipefitter in a mesothelioma trial. Daniels, et al. v. John Crane Inc., et al., No. 2016-L-011308 (Ill. Cir. Ct., Cook Cty.). John Crane, Inc. was the only remaining defendant at trial. Plaintiff alleged that the decedent, a union pipefitter, worked with and around John Crane products. John Crane argued at trial that the decedent did not testify that any of the defendant’s gaskets or packings contained asbestos. Further, John Crane argued that the decedent did not offer any testimony regarding the number of times he may have worked with its gaskets. As such, John Crane contended that Plaintiff could not show that John Crane was the cause of decedent’s injury. Plaintiff and plaintiff’s experts argued that cumulative exposure to asbestos from work with gaskets, packing and thermal insulation on Crane valves contributed to cause decedent’s malignant mesothelioma. The $6 million award included an award for medical expenses, pain and suffering and loss of society. A set-off of $1.1 million was taken, reducing the judgment to $4.8 million.